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Building Memories

Project:  Architectural Design Project

Institut:   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Date:        2017 

Memories shape our character, our thinking, our Self-being. They help us to orient ourselves in space and to perceive and reflect our surroundings. How can memories be stored, preservered or even re-lived? What alternatives exist to the conventional archive that stores memories in form of nonspecific neutrality? Nowadays more and more data is accumulated, and the question of how to preserve memories is gaining importance. Using various methodologies and media I approached the concept of memory. I took psychogrammatical drawings of my own memories, so-called minddrawings, as a base to reinterpret and transform them into three-dimensional models. In a second step I translated the resulting models back into drawings and tried to extract shapes and build forms. The transformation of memories using different media and methods was the focus of this project.

Section of Design
Site plan

„We all have our story. 
Everywhere we go, we leave a trace, like a footprint on the ground, a writing on a wall, a glass we have broken which is not yet repaired. 
But in the same way we are leaving something, 
we also take something with us, 
maybe a small souvenir or just a card of a nice café. 
Conserving the moment, disconnecting it from time, 
only remembering the space, the feeling and the taste of the last sip of cheap wine..“

Siteplan of Vienna
Conceptual Drawing
Conceptual Drawings

„Heterotopias are most often linked to slices in time - which is the to say that

they open onto what might be termed,

for the sake of symmetry, heterochronies.

The heterotopia begins to function at full capacity when men arrive at a sort of absolute break with their traditional time.“
- Focault

Conceptual Map
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